• Evangelos Papadopoulos

    Evangelos Papadopoulos

  • Evan O’Keefe

    Evan O’Keefe

    Lover of all things technology, music and Dungeons & Dragons.

  • Erwin Karbasi

    Erwin Karbasi

    Code connoisseur and pragmatic software professional @Salesforce. Responsible for successful software development and developers.

  • Ilya Eriklintsev

    Ilya Eriklintsev

    Research fellow, privacy activist and a decent systems engineer.

  • Alexandr Korsak

    Alexandr Korsak


  • Rogério Senna

    Rogério Senna

  • 李英东


  • Liam Brown

    Liam Brown

    If it’s possible to have “too many interests”, that criticism might fit me. But I prefer the phrase “too little time for all of them” instead.

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